The new Mike Leigh film – A Running Jump

Members of Shotokan Karate England were excited and proud to be part of the new Mike Leigh film – A Running Jump.
The film, now on release,  shows various sporting activities including Karate and is featured as part of the London 2012 festival.

You can see more about the London 2012 Festivan and the Mike Leigh film A Running Jump here

2 Responses to The new Mike Leigh film – A Running Jump

  1. admin says:

    Have you seen the film yet? I found it difficult to follow and most of our Karate action ended up of the cutting room floor! We all did have a great time filming though apart from Sensei Gary who ended up in casualty with a knee injury.

  2. Tony Parlour says:

    I was fortunate enough to be in both The One Show and the new Mike Leigh film. It was a very enjoyable day and a great experience that i will never forget. Also i’m a london cab driver and have took Mike Leigh on several occasions before this event and funny enough he recognised me. I can’t wait to see the film.

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