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47 Responses to ‘ASK SENSEI’

  1. admin says:

    Hi Sensei Roger. The blocking arm travels diagonally across the body. Probably best to demonstrate this on Sunday at the instructors course.

  2. Roger Rayner says:

    Sensei when I teach and/or demonstrate Age uke I always ensure that as soon as the blocking fist leaves my hip it starts rising and heads towards its final destination so that it takes the shortest route .However many students seem to bring their fist across to their belly button before starting to rise which seems inefficient on two levels ,firstly it delays the block and secondly if it intercepted a low punch it would lift it towards the face where as if the blocking fist is travelling diagonally so that the elbow is lower it can easily be changed to an outside block if a low punch is received .I only ask as the number of students blocking across then up suggests that my teaching is at odds with general practise but I cannot see why

  3. admin says:

    http://karate-london.co.uk/index.php/shotokan-karate-clubs/ Hi Dan. Have look here to find days and times that suit you.

  4. dan says:

    You don’t seem to have any clubs in any of the SE post codes. Is this true? I am looking for a new club to train at. Arigato

  5. admin says:

    Hi Andre. I suggest come along to one of our clubs and simply get in the training line. Don’t be impatient for progress, but rather look for the ‘enjoyment factor.’
    Don’t worry about belts and what you were, because gradually the memories of your previous training will come back to you.
    I would however suggest not going straightway into the Brown Belt class. Train with the lower grades until you feel confident enough to move up.

  6. Andre says:

    Dear Sensei,
    When I was younger my local club shut down due to our instructor changing jobs. I have all my kyu certificates and belts up to Brown and one stripe and would like to resume my training in the hope of finally achieving my black belt. The tricky part is I haven’t trained in over 10 years so would probably need a fair few refresher sessions. What steps would you recommend I take next?

  7. admin says:

    Your licence is also your insurance and your record of courses, gradings and events that you attend. It is important to make sure you are actually licensed. Our licence applications are usually dealt with in just a couple of weeks.

  8. David says:

    Hi, sensei. I have been training for 6 months now in Korean karate. I have paid for a licence at the beginning, but myself and all other club members have never been given it. Is there a way I can check as I’m unsure we even have one. Oss

  9. admin says:

    Any block is good if it works! Some try to block Yoko Geri with inside block; that is a mistake. Yoko Geri needs to be blocked with an outside block, Soto Uke, Gedan Barai or Nagashi Uke.

  10. Roger Rayner says:

    I have suggested to a few students that during 1 step sparring,if the kekomi attack is low that rather than use an outside block which would cause them to lean or be blocking too high,it would be better to implement nagashi uke OR step with the other leg and perform gedanberai.
    However they have been told elsewhere that they should use outside block only,so I would hate them to be penalised at a grading for acting on bad information,so can you consider whether my 2 suggestions are acceptable or not please,
    many thanks,Roger

  11. admin says:

    Have a look on the ‘Events Page’ Fatma. All grading dates for 2016 are on that page. Make sure you have a licence before you apply for grading.

  12. Fatma says:

    Hi sensei

    When is the next grading for Enfield shokotan karate in southbury

  13. Alex Naidoo says:

    Fantastic – thanks so much for your help!

  14. admin says:

    Hi Alex. The first Kata your son will learn is ‘Kihon Kata’- sometimes called Taikyokyu. The techniques used are downward block (Gedan Barai) and chudan stepping punch (Oi Zuki Chudan) Here is a video for your son to watch;

  15. Alex Naidoo says:

    Dear Sensei
    My son has just started karate and I’d like to find a You Tube video of the very first kata he has to learn so he can watch at home and practice. There are so many different videos out there, we’re not sure which is the right one. Can you advise please?
    Many thanks

  16. Jim Radford says:

    OK, Thanks
    I’ll get in touch with him

  17. admin says:

    There is a self defence option for those of 50 years and above. Its not easy of course and you will need to see Sensei Chris for full details.

  18. Jim Radford says:

    Hi Sensei

    I’ve heard that for black belt gradings, for the old men (and women) amongst us, that there is the option to demonstrate kata bunkai instead of free sparring.

    Is this the case ?

    And – what form would this take – how many examples from which kata ?

    Best Regards

  19. admin says:

    Hi Nirmail. The Chingford Club runs on Sundays from 12.00 to 1.00pm. At 32 years old you are not too old to start Karate. All of our classes and times are listed on our Club Locations page, so get yourself along for a free trial class.

  20. Nirmal says:

    I am 32 years old and want to learn Karate. Is it too late for me to learn? Also can you please tell me the working days and times of Chingford Karate Club?



  21. admin says:

    No classes on Bank Holiday Monday as centres are closed.

  22. Erik says:

    Hello Sensei I just return from my Holliday ,I want to know if tonight 31 august 2015 we have karate lessons in Wanstead ?Thank you!

  23. kelly says:

    I AM! I’m impressed that you are a Sensei! I have a 25 year old son that is a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a 12 year old son that is also a black belt.
    Kelly; please send me a picture of yourselves, I would love to see you all. ske@btconnect.com

  24. admin says:

    Well, I sure do Kelly. Wild times! Are you THE Kelly?

  25. kelly says:

    I’d like to ask the sensei if he remembers some silly American kids that used to hang around the Pizza Hut in Bayswater?

  26. admin says:

    Hi Danielle. I suggest visit one of our clubs for a refresher class and see how you get on. A lot will depend on if you have done any training at all since your lay off. Our clubs are listed here; http://karate-london.co.uk/index.php/shotokan-karate-clubs/

  27. Danielle says:

    Hiya, my name is Danielle. I have previously done Shotokan Karate in a another club and stopped many years ago. I walked out on a Brown belt 2 stripes. I am interested in joining your club, but would I need to start again with you or continue where I left or do you get offer crash courses?

  28. admin says:

    Your bag will be waiting for you Erik.

  29. Mihaela says:

    Hi Sensei I am Erik’s mum,I would like to order one karate rucksack for Saturday .Thank you!

  30. Len Keen says:

    Thank you Sensei, Im sure one of many such questions to be asked as we continue to consolidate the kata, will help with the instruction as we progress forward – Oss

  31. admin says:

    Hi Len.
    Your second example is correct. The outside arm is straight and the inside arm is hooked into the Kagi Zuki position. The shoulders face square to the front in this position of Morote Zuki in Tekki Shodan. The fist of Kagi Zuki should be in line with the outside edge of the chest.
    The first example you give is used for example in Bassai Sho and Kanku Sho. The upper body then has to turn inwards towards the punches.

  32. Len Keen says:

    Hello Sensei. I have a technical question ref the Kata Tekkie Shodan. I would like clarification of the two Morote Zuki punches at the kiwi points of the kate. We have some discussion at the club on how these punches should be performed and taught. My understanding is the punches are performed at full arms length, but with the shoulders remaining square to the front. This places the left arm (at the first kiwi point) at full length along with the right, and the right fist past the line of the torso. The other suggestion is the right arm is performing Kaga Zuki, again with square shoulder, but the fist is stopping parallel with the left side of the torso (reversed and to the right side at the last kiai of course) All of the videos I can find seem to suggest the first action is correct, but as ever it would be better to get clarification

  33. admin says:

    Hi Mihaela. The inter Club Tournament between Wanstead and Tring is on Sunday 31st May. We will be giving all Wanstead representative competitors a printed form with all details on. The event will be held at the Tring Dojo.

  34. Mihaela says:

    Hello Sensei I am Erik Ungureanu’s mum(yellow belt) I want to know when is the competition and where?Thank you!

  35. Sarwath Ahmed Gafoor says:

    Im glad to see the club still there after such a long time. I walked out on a brown belt unfortunately, but watching the videos does take me back. And sensei Rod is still teaching which is great!!! really great teacher, good balance of Discipline and brings an element of fun to the classes. Just wanted to say thank you to all that taught at Enfield Leisure centre, still hold golden memories of my time there. I do miss you all. and i hope for the best in the future. Thank you for all you have taught me through this art.

  36. admin says:

    Yes, that is fine. We have arranged seating for any family members who would like to watch.

  37. Jamie Martin says:

    Hi Sensei

    Myself and my two kids are grading in Harlow on Sunday. There’s a fair bit of interest from other members of the family to come and watch. Is that possible?

    Is there a restriction on numbers?


  38. admin says:

    The class for Kyu Grades starts at 11.30am and Tring Karate Club is situated at The Old Church House, Western Road, Tring, Herts HP23 4BT

  39. Kathy Haywood says:

    Good evening Rod & Lucy. Can you confirm the address and time that Caitlin needs to be at Tring for the gradings on Sunday 7/12/2014 as it is our first time there. Thanks, Kathy.

  40. Mihaela says:

    Thank you Sensei :)

  41. admin says:

    Yes Mihela. All classes continue at Wanstead as normal until Christmas.The last day is Saturday 20th December. We then begin again in January.

  42. Mihaela says:

    Hi Sensei ,in Saturday 6 December will be classes in Wanstead ?Thank you!

  43. admin says:

    Karate is a Japanese martial Art and TK Do is a Korean Martial Art. Karate Emphasises the use of strong stances to block evade and defend. TK Do uses more leg and kicking techniques for defence. I suggest that if you have little knowledge go along and look at a class in action. You can find Shotokan classes on this website. I’m afraid I cannot help you with recommending a TK Do club as I have little knowledge of this martial Art.

  44. Debra hughes says:

    Hello. I am wanting to set up a martial arts club at school and want to know the basic difference between Shokotan ha rate and Taekwondo.

  45. Daren Marsh says:

    Thank you Sensei.

  46. admin says:

    Attitude always Darren. Humble, respectful and determined.

  47. Daren Marsh says:

    Dear Sensei,

    What is the most important aspect of Karate to hold in ones mind when training? And why?

    Many thanks.


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