BBC Television – The One Show

Karate Kid John Sergeant with Shotokan Karate England

Shotokan Karate England were pleased to be involved with The Karate Kid film promotion and were filmed for The One Show with TV personality John Sergeant.
John was a great sport and joined in with the Karate Class learning blocks and punches as well as catching a fly with his bare hands! Will Smith and his family watched the hilarious proceedings. The picture shows John Sergeant with the Karate members and the film crew on set.

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  1. admin says:

    John Sergeant was great to work with. A great sense of humour and a good sport too. We got him dressed in a size 6 Gi and off he went – doing Bruce Lee impressions and catching a fly in his bare hand.
    Hope this ends up on Youtube one day.
    BBC – The One Show, featuring Will Smith and the film ‘Karate kid’.

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