The 2013 SKE Karate Championships

SKE Inter-Club Karate Championships

Edmonton v Barnet   Saturday 7th March
Winners – Edmonton
Edmonton and Barnet Shotokan Karate Clubs

Forest v Walthamstow 
Friday 28th October
Winners – Walthamstow

Pool & Track v Forest Karate Club


Tring v Enfield   Saturday 7th May
Winners – Tring

Enfield and Tring Shotokan Karate Clubs

Chingford v Waltham Abbey

Winners – Waltham Abbey

Waltham Abbey Karate Club

Harlow v Wanstead 
Thursday 21st March

Winners – Harlow


RESULTS – 2012 SKE Championships

A big Thank You to all of the referees, judges, timekeepers, scorekeepers and parents who helped to make the day so successful. Well done everyone.

Mens Team Kumite
1st. Wanstead
2nd Tring

Mens Jiyu Kumite
1st Jermaine Berchie
2nd Joseph O’Neill
3rd Pedro Riberio & Ricci Feiner

Ladies Jiyu Kumite
1st Liz Denton
2nd Anja Lorbeer
3rd Denise Harrison & Meryl Wade

Childrens Jiyu Kumite – over 1.7 metres
1st Ritesh Mistry
2nd Robin Denton
3rd Jamie Hamilton & Divya Tank

Boys Jiyu Kumite – under 1.7 metres
1st Callum Talbot
2nd Kyle Francis
3rd Sunil Bashal & Harrison Spencer

Girls Jiyu Kumite – under 1.7 metres
1st Chloe Sansom
2nd Simranjit Seehra
3rd Emily Thorpe & Tarren Arnold

Childrens Jiyu Kumite – under 1.4 metres
1st Jesusa Dingle
2nd Jay Bracken
3rd Ruby Lloyd & Belkacem Bella

Adult Jiyu Ippon Kumite
1st Sam Embleton
2nd Darren Marsh
3rd Laura Savicuite & Rasheedat Ogunbambi

Childrens Jiyu Ippon Kumite – over 1.5 metres
1st Magda Demelo
2nd Jasmine Bingham
3rd Abdul Ilyas & Sara Orzechouski

Childrens Jiyu Ippon Kumite – under 1.5 metres
1st Carmen Bingham
2nd James Lewis
3rd Ersan Djemal & Tosin Ogunbambi

Ladies Team Kumite
1st Wanstead
2nd Chingford

Adult Brown & Black Belt Team Kata
Tring 32.9
Tora Tora Tora – 32.6
Enfield– 32.4

Childrens Team Kata – under 18 years
Harlow B – 32.9
Harlow A – 32.8
WalthamAbbey – 32.6

Adult Team Kata – under 3rd Kyu
1st WansteadAlliance – 27.3
2nd Peter May SKC – 27.2
3rd Tring Typhoons – 27.1

Childrens Team Kata – under 3rd Kyu
Waltham Abbey Girl Power – 28.0
EdmontonGreens – 27.0
Pool & Track Alpine – 26.1

Mens Black Belt Kata
1st James Ellen
2nd John Moore
3rd Ricci Feiner

Ladies Black Belt Kata
1st Anja Lorbeer
2nd Liz Lloyd
3rd Denise Harrison

Boys Black Belt Kata – under 18
1st Ben Howes
2nd Callum Talbot
3rd Thomas Harrison

Girls Black Belt Kata – under 18
1st Emily Thorpe
2nd Simranjit Seehra
3rd Chloe Sansom

Adult Brown Belt Kata
1st Joseph O’Neill
2nd Armand Verdier
3rd Laura Savicuite

Childrens Brown Belt Kata – 12 – 17 years
1st Ben Green
2nd Louise Heeney
3rd Siddartha Matcha

Childrens Brown Belt Kata – under 11
1st Oliver Plater
2nd Carmen Bingham
3rd Conlan Quinlan

Adult 7th to 4th Kyu Kumite
1st Caitlin Nicholson
2ndAlexandria Singh
3rd Maarit Hurkett & Alex Drak

Childrens 7th to 4th Kyu Kumite
1st Naveen Nandakumar
2nd Evren Salim
3rd Marrie3l Andaya & Adnan Rahman

Children 7th to 4th Kyu Kumite – Under 1.5m
1st Rommel Andaya
2nd Pru Boyd Walker
3rd Leanne Thorpe & Johann Aidoo

Adult Sanbon Kumite
1st Tomer Nochi
2nd Abbas Fazil
3rd Hussein Kusuji & Thevanesan Canagasabey

Children Sanbon Kumite – over 1.5m
1st Kevin Tyburski
2nd Papelan Veersangingham

Childrens Sanbon Kumite – under 1.5m
1st Taylor Haughton Kedo
2nd Lucy Barrie
3rd Nathan Radford & Carl Sandoval

Adult Kata 7th to 4th Kyu
1st Caitlin Nicholson
2nd Dominic Weatherley
3rd Richard Ekelegbu

Childrens Kata 7th to 4th Kyu 12 – 17 years
1st Jeffrey SilvaPereira
2nd Marriel Andaya
3rd Evren Salim

Childrens Kata 7th to 4th Kyu under 11
1st Rommel Andaya
2nd Jolie Taylor
3rd Adnan Rahman

Childrens Kata – White to Red belt -12 to 17 years
1st Nathan Radford
2nd Juwan Fevrier
3rd Lemar Gordon Crooks

Adult Kata – White to Red belt
1st Tomer Nochi
2nd Thavanasan Canagasabey
3rd Charlie Potter

Childrens Kata – White to Red belt – under 11
1st Carl Sandoval
2nd Dave Parinas
3rd Karin Jokhoo


 SKE 2012 Karate Championships

 SKE 2011 Karate Championships

Shotokan Karate England Championships 2011

SKE 2010 Karate Championships

Shotokan Karate England 2010 Championships

SKE 2009 Karate Championships

Shotokan Karate england Championships Poster

SHOBU IPPON Karate Championships Guildford 2010

Deimante Jodokevicute took Gold in the Black Belt Kumite and Silver in the Black Belt Kata event performing Bassai Dai. Over 700 contestants took part in the Championships this year. The clip below shows Deimante on her way to the finals of the Kumite event


Results of the SKE Championships 2009

Deimante Jodokevicute received the 2009 ‘Spirit of the Day‘ award
for her outstanding effort and results in Kata and Kumite events.
Congratulations and well done to everyone who took part,
and a big thank you to all referees, judges and parents who all
contributed so much to the success of the day.

SKE Karate Championships – Photos


SHOBU IPPON Championships Guildford 2009

Some great results for SKE at the International Shobu Ippon Championships at Guildford on May 9th. Well done everyone who took part. The medal haul was very impressive;

1st Mens Black & Brown Belt Kata – Andreas Dechambenoit

1st Ladies Black & Brown Belt Kata – Deimante Jodokeviciute

Mens Black & Brown Belt Kata – Liam Searson

3rd Ladies Team Kumite – Walthamstow/Wanstead
Liz Denton, Deimante Jodokeviciute, Meryl Wade

2nd Junior Black & Brown Belt Kumite – Chloe Creedon

3rd Cadets Black & Brown Belt Kumite – Simranjit Seehra

3rd Childrens Yellow Belt Kata – George Philpot

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