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All clubs and club events have been suspended due to Coronavirus and quarantine restrictions. We await news and guidance from the government on when our clubs can reopen and when our list of regular events can restart. In the meantime there are daily Zoom classes for you to take part in, maintain your skills, and continue learning.

 2021 – Daily Zoom Classes for you

ZOOM TIMETABLE (Feb 2021)Black Belt Grading
Congratulations to everyone who took Dan Gradings on the 2019 Black Belt Course. Shodan Passes. Vivek Sivadev, Nathaniel Thomas, Leanna Thomas, Eddie Martin, Gwen Martin, Jamie Martin, Priyanka Sudarshan, Jesusa Dingle, Ali Jahwid, Ella Rebairo, Laxsana Namby, Laavanya Namby, Daniel Shah, Ron Reader, Roshan Daryanani, Michael Barrie, Behdad Monsef.
Sandan Pass; Joseph Mortimer.

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