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Karate ‘TECHNIQUE PLUS’ © Courses, Gradings & Competitions.

The 2015 course and grading dates below incorporate Shotokan Karate training designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced students and instructors. There will be
more dates and events to come, so watch regularly for any additions or changes. Please email us for times, tickets and the reservation of places.


Sunday 11th:  AGM and SKE Executive meeting. The Marriott Hotel. 3.00pm


Sunday 22nd:  First Aid Course – 2.30 start at the Barnet Dojo


Sunday 1st: Inter Club Championships. Barnet v Tring – Tring Dojo
Sunday 8th: SKE Executive Meeting

Saturday 21st: 30 Year Celebration Meal. Limited places. SOLD OUT.
Sunday 22nd: Kyu Grading Tring and ‘Clubmark Course’
Sunday 29th: Kyu Grading Harlow and ‘Clubmark Course’


Monday 13th: Sensei Rod Butler Course at the Harlow Dojo. 7.15pm start.
Sunday 26th:
Dan Grading plus 1st & 2nd Kyu Grading Harlow
Sunday 26th: SKE Executive Meeting


Sunday 10th: Cancer Charity Kata Marathon. The SKE ‘Katathon’
Saturday 16th: Waltham Abbey Squad Training. 12.15pm Sensei Tim Ahmet.
Sunday 17th: Chingford Squad Training.  Sensei Tim Ahmet.
Sunday 17th: Tring Squad Training. Sensei Tim Ahmet.
Sunday 31st: Inter Club Championships. Tring v Wanstead – Tring Dojo.


Saturday 13th: Chingford Village Festival – The Green, North Chingford 1.30pm
Sunday 14th:
Kyu Grading Tring and ‘Clubmark Course’
Sunday 28th: Kyu Grading Harlow and ‘Clubmark Course’


Thursday 2nd: Inter Club Championships. Harlow v Waltham Abbey – Harlow Dojo


Sunday 2nd: Squad Training at thew Chingford Dojo. 10.00am start.
Sunday 16th: CHINGFORD ‘BIG WEEKENDER’ 2.00pm Ridgeway Park. Karate Display and fun.


Saturday 12th: Squad Training Waltham Abbey Sensei Tim Ahmet. 12.15pm
Sunday 13th:
Kyu Grading Tring and ‘Clubmark Course’
Sunday 27th: Kyu Grading Harlow and ‘Clubmark Course’


Sunday 4th: Sensei Tim Ahmet – Pre-Competition Kumite Training. £4.00 cover charge.
Plus Refs, Judges, Timekeepers and Scorekeepers Course. Wanstead 2.30pm start.
Sunday 11th: 
Squad Training at the Tring Dojo 12.30pm. £4.00 cover charge.
Sunday 25th:
Dan grading Harlow plus 1st & 2nd Kyu Grading
Sunday 25th: SKE Executive Meeting


Saturday 14th: SKE Annual Championships. 30 Year Celebration Event
Plus Fundraising Cheque Presentation Ceremony.


Sunday 6th: Kyu Grading Tring and ‘Clubmark Course’
Sunday 13th: Kyu Grading Harlow and ‘Clubmark Course’ + Dan Grade Certificate presentation.

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