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All clubs and club events have been suspended due to Coronavirus and quarantine restrictions presently in place. The 2020 course and grading dates below incorporate Shotokan Karate training designed for beginners, intermediate, advanced students and instructors, and will resume when we receive official government notice. There will be
more dates and events to come, so watch regularly for any additions or changes. 

New Black Belts
Congratulations to everyone who took Dan Gradings on the 2019 Black Belt Course. Shodan Passes. Vivek Sivadev, Nathaniel Thomas, Leanna Thomas, Eddie Martin, Gwen Martin, Jamie Martin, Priyanka Sudarshan, Jesusa Dingle, Ali Jahwid, Ella Rebairo, Laxsana Namby, Laavanya Namby, Daniel Shah, Ron Reader, Roshan Daryanani, Michael Barrie, Behdad Monsef.
Sandan Pass; Joseph Mortimer.



Sunday 27th: Mini Grading for those who have been training regularly either in Zoom Classes or outside on the grass. Your instructor will advise you if you are ready.


Sunday 4th: Referee and Judges Course and Judges Exam 2.30pm at the East Barnet Dojo. TBA
Weds 15th to Weds 21st: Training in Japan. TBA
Sunday 25th: Dan Grading plus 1st & 2nd Kyu Grading Harlow TBA


Saturday 14th: SKE Annual Championships. 35 Year Celebration Event. (All Clubs closed today) TBA


Sunday 13th: Kyu Grading  Harlow and ‘Clubmark Course’ + Black Belt Certificate presentations. TBA

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