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Responsive Design

Our greatest concern has always been for you- our members, students, and friends. We want you to feel as comfortable on the website as possible and because we value your time, we want to help you browse through our website to find the necessary information quickly and easily. This is why we decided to invest our time in a new responsive Shotokan Karate England website.

Thanks to the new responsive design developed by our partner- Go Live UK Ltd, you are now able to browse our website on your smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device. This saves time and effort  and lets you enjoy the benefits of using a professionally built website.

Gallery and Media

We understand how important it is for you – our members and friends, to know as much as possible about us so that you can be sure you can trust us to deliver. That is what the pictures and information in the Gallery are there for – they show the real people you get in touch with when you come to our clubs. We want our website to be of use to every Karate enthusiast.

In the media part, we can show website visitors our achievements as well as useful information and articles from the world of Karate.

To preview the images in the gallery please click on one of them, then hover and click on the left/right side of the picture to view the previous or next image.


Club Locations

We welcome all karate lovers to join one of our clubs and we always try to make it as easy as possible for all new and current students to find the nearest club in their area effortlessly. With the assistance of our technology advisor-Go Live UK Ltd., you can now find out all required information about our clubs easily and quickly.

The updated Club Locations page is user-friendly and allows you to easily browse the list of all clubs to find the nearest club based on the area it’s situated in. Just in a click away you can find the needed information about classes, maps and directions as well as contact information.

Just browse the list of club locations on the top of the page and click on your nearest area. You will be brought to a list with all clubs in the desired area so you don’t need to scroll down the whole page to find this information. Then you can click on the club of your choice to unfold contact information, maps, and directions.


Members’ Area

We want our members and friends to be kept up to date with everything related to the activities of Shotokan Karate England. The communication with you is of a great importance for us and that is why we asked the team at Go Live UK Ltd. to provide us with a way to interactively communicate with our members via the website. In the Members’ Area, our members can not only contact us anytime but also find all of the useful information they need, as well as important documents for downloading. If you do not have a registration you can easily create one by following the registration link.

Just use the form on the “Members Area” page to login or if you are not a user of the Members Area click on the provided link to register.


On-line Shop

We realise the importance of e-commerce and the growing desire of Internet users to share and buy products online. That is why Go Live UK has integrated an online shopping feature on the website.

Our visitors can purchase many products related to their Karate needs via PayPal no matter if they are shopping inside or outside the UK.

Click the “Buy” button to purchase an item. Then choose whether you are purchasing from inside or outside the UK & Ireland. You will be brought to secure PayPal page where you will be able to complete your order using your debit or credit card.


Online Security

We perfectly understand that you, our visitors need to feel secure when asked to leave your contact details, and especially when you purchase online. This is why we take all necessary precautions to ensure that you and your data are protected while browsing Shotokan Karate England website. With the help of our trusted website support company, we and our visitors are both protected from any kind of fraud and personal data misuse.

As we strive to offer our visitors high-quality service and interactive communication for the members of our clubs, our website is being constantly upgraded. Your feedback is of a great importance for us in order to continue offer you the best web solutions in terms of user experience and functionality.

Please feel free to contact us if you have ideas how we can improve Shotokan Karate England website or in case that you experience any issues while using the website. With the assistance of our highly skilled web development team in the face of Go Live UK Ltd. we will make sure that the time you spend on our website is a complete pleasure!

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