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SKE Karate Championships

A larger venue was needed for this years championships with a record number of entries and even more Judges, Referees, Timekeepers and Scorekeepers.

The event could have easily been held over a whole weekend but because we streamlined the day considerably, we started early on Saturday morning and finished Saturday evening.

Thank you to all the many helpers on the day who gave their time and helped to make the day our best ever.

The ‘Harlow Star’ was ahead of the game with a reporter and a photographer in attendance on the day.
The full newspaper article can be seen here.



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‘The One Show’ BBC TV

Watch John Sergeant, Will Smith, Jaden Smith, SKE and the ‘Karate Kids’ family on BBC TV ‘The One Show.’
Filmed at one of our Waltham Abbey Dojos we all enjoyed our time with John Sergeant and the film crew.
The children were so very excited and enthusiastic, and at the end of the filming John kindly presented our pair of twins Thomas and Benjamin, with surprise birthday presents as it was their birthday on the day of the filming.

The One Show. Karate Kids with John Sergeant

The One Show. SKE members with John Sergeant and the film crew.

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SKE Karate on ITV – ‘The Martin Lewis Money Show’

Freezing cold rehearsals in Covent Garden for ITV. Snow was threatening, but there we were, rehearsing for our debut on the popular financial advice programne.

As well as filming with Martin we worked with Saira Khan who was a finalist on ‘The Apprentice’. Although having no experience of Karate or the Martial Arts, Saira was a natural – she certainly enjoyed using the Samurai sword. Martin was great, using his credit card for self defence!

SKE Instructors and members Gary James, Darren Taylor, Tony Parlour, Lee Atkinson, Kristina Baraskeva and Jade Parlour all took part in the filming of the ’Martin Lewis Money Show’ which will be shown on ITV later this year. Special thanks to Lucy Butler for taking photos and YouTube videos in the freezing cold weather.

We had a day of great fun but it was a long day with little rest. By the time we got to the evening where we were filming at ‘Danceworks’ in Oxford St, the kicks were drooping somewhat and the stances weren’t quite so low.

Some ‘Out takes’ below;

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