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2019 Black Belt Grading


This was one of our most successful Black Belt Gradings ever, with a fantastic effort being made by everyone who took part. Here are the results:

Shodan Passes. Vivek Sivadev, Nathaniel Thomas, Leanna Thomas, Eddie Martin, Gwen Martin, Jamie Martin, Priyanka Sudarshan, Jesusa Dingle, Ali Jahwid, Ella Rebairo, Laxsana Namby, Laavanya Namby, Daniel Shah, Ron Reader, Roshan Daryanani, Michael Barrie, Behdad Monsef.
Sandan Pass; Joseph Mortimer.

Congratulations to you all.



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Waltham Abbey Karate Club


Waltham Abbey Karate Club is on the move. Our home at The Pool disappeared when the pool recently closed for re-development. We will be situated at the new Waltham Abbey Leisure Centre from the 22nd November on Thursdays at 6.00pm and Saturdays at 11.15am

There are free trial classes available for anyone who would like to come along and have ago. Adults and children are all welcome, however children must be at least 6 years old.

The Address is;
Waltham Abbey Leisure Centre
19 Hillhouse
Waltham Abbey

Karate England JPG






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Black Belt Grading

Congratulations to our new successful Black Belt candidates. Our new Shodan members are Vinay Sajeer, Kiren Bhatt, Grant Taylor, Sam Embleton, and Kymani Armstrong, Lucy Barrie, Karin Jokhoo, Hariesh Jegatheepan, Sharan Ranjikumar, Kendiran Sivanesakumar, Sadaf Jahwid. Our new successful Nidan candidates are Gavin Kendall, Kieran Howse and Ricci Feiner. Well done everyone for a terrific effort this year.




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