The Tim Ahmet Kumite Course

Judging by your comments below, you want more! Here it is; Saturday 15th September at the Wanstead Club.

Tim was an extremely successful Chingford Karate Club Competitor on the local and the National circuit, eventually becoming the Great Britain National Under 21 Kumite Champion.

Ten years later after getting married and having two baby daughters, Tim regularly teaches in the SKE Karate Clubs and Referees at SKE Competitions.

Tim also recently gave a fantastic Kumite course at our Wanstead Dojo. Watch out for more!

7 Responses to The Tim Ahmet Kumite Course

  1. keith fontaine says:

    it was an fantastic course hard work & great fun,i look forward to the next one from sensei tim

  2. Erik says:

    Fantastic course! Everyone that attended from Harlow loved it, and I know we all went home having worked hard, whilst having great fun at the same time.If you weren’t there, you missed out!

  3. David Loates says:

    A great course. FANTASTIC! The course was tough but it was very enjoyable by all. I feel we all learnt a great deal from the course and Tim is an inspirational Sensei! Really looking forward to the next one which will hopefully be soon. Thanks Sensei Tim.
    can we have another course soon please?

  4. Ritesh says:

    An amazing course, Sensai Tim gave us a hard grilling that day, weather didnt help much but the pain and sweat from that day was well and truly worth it. I find myself learning from him all the time, a great teacher. I would happily do this again, maybe even more hours if possible. Sensai Tim NEEDS to do another course like this soon. :)Oss

  5. Patrick says:

    That day was one hot 2 hour course that day. I was tired, sweating and my legs could cook an egg by how much burning it felt. And when you have fun doing it, it makes it a great course. Thanks for a fantastic training experience and for giving me muscle pains the next day.

  6. Roger says:

    Really great course ,infectious enthusiasm, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone who made the effort to attend,also a great opportunity to train with Karateka from other clubs.Can only look forward to the next one,
    soon please Sensei

  7. Sensei Harry Wilson says:

    I came along to the event with Sensei Neil Hearne and we had a great time joining in on the course. Sensei Ahmet provided a very good course with a great sense of humour and made everyone very welcome. We actually took some of his lessons and taught them to our senior grades the following Saturday. Well done and many thanks to all the other students who attended, that’s what makes the SKE special ”Oss”.

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