In Memory of Philip Loates


France camp 2008 (12)

This year we have lost a shining star. Philip Loates 26, and one of our long time Karate members, lost his life in a road traffic accident whilst working as an English teacher in Thailand.

Philip started as a young child with us and became keen and dedicated to the art of Karate. He trained regularly at our clubs in Wanstead, Enfield and Chingford and gained his Black Belt in November 2005. He was a regular on the competition circuit and usually came home with a medal or trophy  whenever he competed and took part.

Philip also enjoyed our Karate trips abroad and had some great times training in Europe on courses with different clubs and associations. A few of the pictures are below.

Although Philip’s life took a different turning when he decided to move to Thailand he returned and visited us in 2017. He once again joined in the training at our Wanstead Club and trained as if he had never been away. We did realise though that Philip’s life and work would now be in Thailand and he seemed very happy and at peace with himself, his work and the country he settled in.

Philip’s loss has left a tremendous gap in his family and in the school where he worked in Thailand. He is remembered fondly by all of his Karate friends and instructors and we hope that his memory will serve as a positive inspiration to all of those who were lucky enough to know him and train with him.

France camp 2008 (3)


One Response to In Memory of Philip Loates

  1. Lucy Butler says:

    In loving memory of a young man enjoying his life to the full. Kind, loving and caring of all humanity. Tragically taken from life in his prime. The sadness I feel pales into insignificance compared to that of his family and close friends and yet I feel it all the same. I heard such wonderful things about you when you last visited and I feel hollow now that I didn’t get the opportunity to see you myself and hear all about your adventures. Your wonderful humanity shone through your words as Rod spoke them to me.

    I will never forget you Philip Loates. Your wonderful smile, your fun and your eagerness to help others will shine a bright light forever more.

    RIP dear Philip.

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